We produce infrared radiant panels of various sizes and powers for rooms or terraces, metallic tube electrical resistors, industrial and domestic hot plates, smoothing irons, industrial and domestic immersion heaters, heat cannons, electric radiators and heaters for apartments, offices and industrial spaces, spare parts for Prisma Info products.

We produce metallic tube electrical resistors for different applications as: geysers, boilers, saunas, diesel batteries, washing machine and many others.

We offer you on demand, according to your specifications, various models of metallic tube electrical resistors and a wide range of metallic coatings through galvanic methods.

Manufacturer of radiant infrared panels

Prisma Info: Manufacturer of radiant infrared panels, electrical resistors, household appliances and galvanizing services

Radiant panels

Electric radiant panels for infrared heating of apartments, offices, bathrooms.

Domestic Appliances

Industrial electric heaters, irons, electric resources, air heaters, and electric heaters.

Electrical Resistors

Electric resistances for saunas, boilers, washing machines, diesel batteries.

Galvanic Coatings

Nickel plating, brass plating, zinc plating: black, white, yellow and blue.

Various services

Galvanizing services, electrostatic painting, sandblasting, grinding, pressing, sheet metal cutting, freight transport.

Authorizations And Quality Standards

Authorizations and quality standards Prisma Info.

Prisma Info is ISO 9001 certified for all submitted activities, from TUV Rheinland

The Prisma Info company produces three types of radiant panels:

Under certain conditions, heat exchanges occur between bodies with different temperatures. A body with a high temperature transmits its heat to another body with a lower temperature. As the temperature goes from a warmer body to a cooler one, the temperature of the hot body decreases and that of the cold body increases. No heat exchange occurs between bodies with the same temperature. The phenomenon of heat transfer from one body to another is called heat transfer.

SMART radiant panels – with special destination for the domestic environment Protective industrial radiant panels – intended for heating large rooms: industrial halls, agricultural halls, production workshops, car washes, churches, cinemas Radiant panels with quartz tubes – intended for heating terraces, kiosks, balconies, bathrooms


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