I live in Târgu-Mureş in a 2 room apartment with double glazing without external insulation, this city having pretty cold winters.

In the year 2010 I decided to choose individual heating. I searched more solutions at various manufacturers and suppliers. I have sent more offer requests and finally I chose to use Radiant Panels for warming and an electric boiler for hot water. I’ve been using them for three years and I am very satisfied by their efficiency and consumption. I didn’t know where to choose these Radiant Panels and how expensive the electricity invoice would be.

After three years of usage I recommend this heating system to everyone because it is really worth trying it!
The Radiant Panels bought from Prisma Info Ltd. and a correct size determination of the apartment (2 rooms) made by them have been efficient for me. I recommend you to buy panels from Prisma Info Ltd. since they are very efficient and have a good price as compared to other manufacturers.

The electricity demand using panels + electric boiler + domestic appliances (TV set, computer, washing machine, microwave oven, fridge … etc.) during the winter months showed an average of 600 kw/month, more exactly 300 RON/month.
It is good to have heating, hot water and the rest of electricity demand at this price during the winter!

Attila (Targu Mures)

Now, I can only thank you for the Radiant Panels after using them for house heating for the second winter (2 room apartment)! Once thank you for the efficiency, the costs of heating are lower than for the old system (wood stoves) and the purchase costs are also low. I would like to mention that I have studied the field market a lot and of course I have chosen the Romanian alternative for purchase costs which are 3-4 times lower than the similar imported products.

I have recommended your products and one family from Harsova uses this heating system for a house having the area of 120 s.m. (the family declares to be satisfied both with the heating costs and with the comfort offered by these panels).

The company I work at also changed the heating system with another one using Radiant Panels in offices and it is very good. In these conditions, I can only congratulate you and I think you should promote your products since they are as good as the imported ones but cheaper and with very good functionality!

Lili (Harsova)


I am writing you a few lines regarding the smart panels.

I am using the “SMART” panels for one year. During the first winter I haven’t noticed significant higher costs of the electricity invoice. I live in a house and I would like to mention that from the beginning I took into account the possibility to install a heating system using Radiant Panels and a fireplace. The electrical equipment has been configured to correspond to the panels demand and the insulation degree of the house is a very good one. In these conditions the panels easily warm the space for which they have been projected. In my opinion, the main advantage of Radiant Panels is the possibility to warm selectively the rooms of a house and if connected to a programmable thermostat, they can offer a warming level suitable for the user’s needs. The advantage of SMART Radiant Panels represents the very good quality/price ratio and you can also use possibility to customize them with pictures in order to bring extra esthetic warmth to the room. The only disadvantage of the SMART panels could be their small noise due to the dilatation and contraction of the plate cover. As far as I understood the problem has been solved in newer models of panels, this remains to be seen with the next order and I will return with a confirmation.


Alin (Cluj)

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