About Us


It is a private company with integral Romanian capital. It has been founded in 1990 as small company Prisma with one sole shareholder and in 1991 it became a limited liability company with 2 shareholders.

During the years, the company developed activities of trading, transport of goods and various services in the field of informatics and text editing.

Beginning with the year 2005 the company started to purchase various manufacturing facilities and production halls from the company ELECTROMURES S.A., this way making the first steps in the production activity:

  • the division of domestic appliances,
  • the division of galvanization
  • the division of tube resistors,

The company Prisma Info develops its activity in one part of the old location of the company ELECTROMURES S.A.

Nowadays, the company PRISMA INFO Ltd. successfully combines the over 50 year old tradition of the company ELECTROMURES S.A. with the ambition of a company in expansion, taking advantage of a high-qualified stuff in the field of domestic appliances.

Certificare TUV Rheinland

At the beginning of the year 2009 the company obtained the ISO 9001 certificate by TUV Reinhard for all activities striven.

All products of the company are homologated by ICPEE Bucharest and ICMET Craiova.

For the improvement of the quality of products, beside the reference points achieved by the company disposing of:

  • division of pressing,
  • division of galvanization,
  • division of polishing,
  • mechanical processes,
  • powder-coating,
  • the company also appealed to the manufacturers and suppliers of pieces from the European and internal market.

Prisma Info has famous companies from Europe as providers: Atelitalia, UCM-Grup Anglia, ELTH S.A Luxembourg, Everel Group Spa, Otto Chemie.

Cladire Prisma Info