Electrical Resistors


Tube Resistors

The high success rate and wide usage applications of metallic tube electrical resistors are greatly due to their properties of adaptability in small spaces under various constructive forms maintaining at the same time optimal features of mechanical resistance.

Due to the diversity, flexibility and insensitiveness related to mechanical stress, they often serve as the only one solution in the heating technique.

The heat released by tube resistors may be transmitted to the environment by conduction, convection and radiation according to the working temperature and method of usage. They are used up to the temperature of 850 Celsius degrees, for a wide range of Industrial and domestic purposes.

Metallic tube electrical resistors are divided into two important categories: resistors for liquids (Immersion Heaters) and resistors for air, which can have cooling flanges attached if necessary for the increase of the dissipation area, or which can be integrated into various metallic bodies by casting or stressing.

The metallic tube electrical resistors may be used in various heaters by radiation and warm air batteries where the element spreads the warmth of a more or less ventilated current of warm air.

The metallic tube heating element is an electrothermal assembly made of one or more heating augers, fixed in a stable position within a metallic tube, insulated by tube with an electrical resistant material.

The metallic tube electrical resistors have a wide applicability in all industrial fields of production.

Our company, having an experience of more than 50 years in producing metallic tube resistors is able to produce on demand any type and dimension of resistors, either working in liquid or gaseous environment. Beside the tube resistors on demand, we also produce a wide range of “series” resistors representing spare parts for various electrical devices: boilers, washing machines, Diesel batteries and resistors for various heating devices.